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SalesBoss manage sales, store 1.07

Salesboss is a mobile sales management tool.

Salesboss is a mobile sales management tool.

Salesboss is a mobile sales management tool. It helps to build a sales team and manage the sales process. Each salesman brings a point of sales on his mobile. Cashier and store keeper also can join the sales network by their mobiles too. Salesboss is a light sales management tool, that no computer and no paper.

For more information, please visit And nexts are hightlight advantage of Salesboss:

Easy to manage sales team:

- Set-up your business in 3 simple step: add a business account, add products and add staffs; Just in a couple of minutes.

- Salesboss support full sales process with 4 role group: sales, cashier, store keeper, manager. But you can configure sales process as real.

- View remotely staff's status

Real-time track orders and inventory anywhere:

- An order, added by salesman immediately be sent to others staffs and manager. This is the same as new feeds of Facebook.

- Track order process with 4 status: New, paid, shipping (exported), delivered

- Track inventory anywhere, anytime for just-in-time procurement

- View visual reporting about sales revenue by week, or by month

- SalesBoss is faster and more accurate than traditional paper-based methods. That is bringing business data in your pocket.

Global or multi-location staffs:

- You can create many staffs to operate your business. And they can work in everywhere in the world.

- This is an amazing tool to auto sales process.

- Your staffs will work high productivity because of no worry about reporting or mistake

- You, a business owner will be free because of no worry about phone calls

Feature list:

1. Register business

2. Add products

3. Edit price list

4. Add staff

5. View staff status

6. Add an order

7. View sales order list by date

8. Track sales order by status

9. Email invoice

10. Sales revenue reporting

11. Sold products reporting

12. Inventory management

13. Store importing management

14. Real-time notifications

Who can use salesboss:

- Small business owner

- Entrepreneur

- Sales manager

- People who have a sales team

- People who are opening a new shop

- People who have many shops or many sales teams

Which business area:

- Fashion

- Flower and gift

- Beauty, health and pharmacy

- Toys, kids and baby

- Book and Audible

- Home, garden and tools

- Electronics and computer

- Food and drink

- Collectibles and art

- Sport and outdoor

- Pets

- Automotive and industrial

- Others that need managing sales and inventory.

In-app purchase products:

- Start by creating a business in Salesboss, you are free to create unlimited products. But you should run your business by yourself.

- To grow up your business, upgrade to 3 staffs

- With bigger business, upgrade to 10 staffs.

- If very big business, upgrade to unlimited staffs. So creating as many staff as you want in everywhere in global

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SalesBoss manage sales, store


SalesBoss manage sales, store 1.07

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